Follow Your Dreams

Follow your Dreams

I have been blessed to always have a mentor in my life. They have been people I have been inspired by and always helped me through challenging times. So often they have been sounding boards and get me well enough to challenge me if I have gone off the rails. When my Nana, who had been my life time inspirer and mentor became unwell I decided to search out a different kind of mentor. My business was going well and growing at phenomenal rates, however, with this came a sense of unbalance. WNana was diagnosed as terminal it was clear that business was not my number one priority, this scared me as I loved what I did but when it came to family, somehow I was able to drop everything to do what was right in my heart. The thought of losing Nan was overwhelming so I reached out to a grief counsellor to help me cope. My gorgeous friend thought it was such a good idea “Only you Cate, would pre plan your grief!” I pondered this for a bit and laughed realising she was totally right. My grief counsellor was amazing and together we put so many wonderful things in place in the last six months.

I was able to rediscover some real passions and discover what made my heart sing and what inspired me on a very personal level. Much of this I was able to share with Nana before she passed and it has totally helped me to cope when days aren’t so peachy.

We started with working on what I loved, what I used to do as a child, what I could do for hours without needed a break. Then we focused on what was important to me – what were my values and why did I do things in a certain way and how could I be true to myself. When I had practiced these things we went on to releasing these in a creative way while also practicing mindfullness of others. Then we focussed on my body basics hydratiion, healthy regular eating, sleep well and exercise regularly for the first month. When I had my body back in some balance with small changes we moved on to noticing small things, decluttering and finishing off projects that were important to me. It has been a journey and I have discovered some most wonderful gifts along the way.

When the sessions had concluded I was so inspired by her story and the work we had done I have continued working with her as my Creative Coach. It has been a true blessing for me and my business has again gone to a new level. This time I feel far more in control of where I am at because I am in balance and when I go off the rails – I apply all the lessons that have inspired me along the way.

Thank you Dr Sharmaine Dobson – you are a true earth angel and I am blessed and honoured to have you in my life

C xx