Just a drop of kindess can make the world of difference

Drop of Kindness

I was reminded yesterday of the power of a smile and a hug.

These wise words from one of my inspirations Les Brown

There are three types of people who you meet each day ~ those who build you up; those who tear you down; and those who don’t care anything about you.  Which one of those people are you? 

Become aware of how others experience you today.  Think about your interactions yesterday ~  your conversations, attitudes, behaviors, and mindset expressed with those closest to you, as well as with others you interacted with.  Which of these people would they say you were?

You have the power to influence someone’s life for the better today and cause them to be grateful for life…just because they encountered you.   Decide to use your life to encourage, inspire, uplift, and brighten those who encounter you.  You can bring a smile to someone’s face; provide a surprise; share a hug; express love, hope, joy;  bring laughter and playfulness into another’s life; do an unexpected favor; and become their favorite memory of the day.  Start with those closest to you, and make it your business to be a builder, encourager, and blessing.  You have something special…express the GREATNESS within you! ~ Les Brown