Be kind to my body. I will only ever have one.

kind to your body final

Great…. so my first session is done. Another very cool reminder of why I am in this industry.

Not that I am overwhelmed with joy and excitement about it all, in fact I was lucky that during my session more pandora boxes like this morning didn’t fly open and hit the back of my eyes and turn on the waterwork taps! My trainer is technically brilliant and she does really know her stuff, sadly she also knows words like “Broken” “It will take forever” “I have never seen it this bad” “No” “Not Really” “That won’t be a good idea” “No it will take at least a year” “Cate did you know this will take a very long time”

As with every health professional in my life she did think it was remarkable I can even walk, yet alone do the work that I do and keep positive. As I rowed 500m she looked in disbelief and said I really was the master of disguise. I was able to let her know that my body is the only one I have and I don’t know what if feels like not to be “sick”, “unwell” or live “painfree”. I keep positive because I make the most of everything I have, including my “broken body”. I won’t do anything stupid (like enter a iron man or a running event) I have spent years learning my bodies limits, I will work with her to build my body strength…. I won’t sit around waiting for a miracle and I will be patient and do my homework!

Bless her cotton socks she told me a few home truths from an anatomical and biological point of view – no real surprises there. My body is hyperflexible, I do have terrible posture because I compensate and my butt is super lazy. Her role will be to guide me to make my body the best it can be. We agreed that how I treat my body and illness is a little different and unorthodox. Ok – very different and off the spectrum!

The most imporant thing is for me to follow my own principles love life, enjoy exercise, appreciate my alone time and play positively. I can do this!! and I have over 50 LeapStars who will help me too! 🙂 xx