Don’t worry! Don’t Stew. Just go right along and you’ll start happening too!


Yay I love Mondays!

But this morning was a little challenging….. Every day I empower and inspire LeapStars to leap off their couches, so why when I was in the shower did a little pang of nervousness come over me. I felt my mind wander into that pandoras box (that I was sure was double padlocked and chained) and could hear whispers of "You are too fat to be a trainer, you are too unhealthy to be a trainer, you don't drink enough water to be a trainer, you can't do a push up, you are far to hyperflexible to be a trainer, who the hell do you think you are trailblazing and helping real people, you can't run, you can't even ride a bike at the moment, broken, sick and over weight"

Arrgggghhhhhhhhh …………………………….STOP!! I yelled back at myself (of course no one heard me it was all inside my head) STOP this NONSENSE AT ONCE!!!!

Then I realised. I had my first PT session this morning and my body and mind chatter had gone back in time. It was back years before at my own sessions with PT's in aussie and nz who didn't understand me, training sessions where I felt inadequate. Then I smiled and remember that all these reasons were the reason I got into this industry in the first place. My calling was to make people feel more comfortable about getting fit and healthy. To take away the feelings of fear and dread, embarrassment and anxiousness.

My chatter this morning was a great remeinder. I thought about how my new LeapStars might feel before they come and see me. I am sure my own session will be different from the past, afterall I know so much more and also know how to make this work for me.