Splish Splash


This year I have made my Saturdays my non-negotiables from working. Except for LeapStar event weekends this will allow me to recharge and fit in some of my own exercise. Saturday’s plan was to hit the pool for the first time since nan passed. During her illness, swimming was my escape time. Getting back into the pool was always going to super challenging as many memories came flooding back. It has been such a full on and adreniline pumped week that my body was also a little bit worse for wear and my back was not that interested in the prospect of the pool. I was so nervous I totally grabbed the wrong swim bag and ended up with my tankini and no googles or earplugs! That could have been an excuse, but with 50+ LeapStars all facing their fears I realised it was time to face mine! I am also very very grateful that one of my LeapStars, who happens to be a great friend, posted she was going to be at the pool that afternoon. It was a little earlier than I had planned to go but it was totally easier not to back out if you are meeting someone. I ended up running late, the catalyst for picking today to go back to the pool was that it has also been a roller coaster day of emotions- we had taken out the final bits and bobs from nans. The end of an era and time to begin the new one with as much enthusiasm as she brought into our lives. Thank goodness for W waiting for me at the pool – knowing she was already in the water made it that much easier to shut the door at nans one last time. I managed 20 lengths, the usual niggles, sore back, sore neck, sore knees and itiching from the chlorine, even a few tears that couldn’t be seen for the splashing! Never say I am not determined. After my first few lengths I kept flutterboarding while W strolled down beside me chatting away and made the journey so much easier! Wahoo for support crew I say……. we then hung out at the deep end chatting (hence the cartoon) and then rewarded ourselves with a yummy herbal tea. Demon one conquered, I have returned to the pool. What’s up next? That’s right a date with my PT on Monday – it’s confesson session time.