Blood Tests……and an anniversary

So I wake up with the birds on Saturday and decided to go and get my bloods done. Fasting wasn’t a problem, a seasoned breakfast skipper has no troubles waiting until the blood centre opened. I have the best veins apparantly, my phlebotomists (the awesome ladies at the hospital blood centre who are to trained to draw blood from a person) are always pleased when I come in as my veins are out and proud just waiting to be pricked. Nice to know there is one part of my anatomy that actually works as it should…. but more about that later. The main challenge is that I am a bit of a pin cushion so we have to continually swap arms. I decided it might be a good idea to my routine bloods done at the same time. Always handy to keep up to date with those due to the regime of drugs I take. To my suprise my phlemotomist comes back and says – “Happy Anniversary”….. No it’s not is my first reply, and then I click…… I have been coming for blood tests every two weeks (ok mostly every month or so) for 10 years. A decade of blood has been taken, for one quarter of my life visiting the hospital. WOW it is definatley time to get this inside health sorted! The 20 Weeks has come at the right time for me, just like it did the first time round 🙂 It’s going to be life changing.