Week 1 Day 1 – 20 Week Challenge

Week 1 Day 1 - 20 Week Challenge

It is Monday 8th of April! Day 1 and I am super excited for all my LeapStars. Lets Get Started – 140 Days to a new life. I am super nervous. Crazy I know but here I am about to walk in front of all my LeapStars and talk to them about sleep, water, fuel, exercise, alonetime and positivity. I love speaking but I realised today that I want to be genuine and I want people to believe in themselves as much as I believe in them. I just realised as that thought jumps into my head that I actually don’t believe what I do works. How stupid is that (not a word i use often) I so totally see the amazing results of my LeapStars and genuinely are proud of them. However….. I guess deep down I feel like a fraud and think it has nothing to do with me because my secret life (well it was until this 30secs) involves some habits that are not so conducive to ‘wellness’. My sleep has been appauling – averaging 2-4 hours a night. I am lucky to eat breakfast everyday and my water intake has been half of what I need with all my medications and health conditions. On a brighter note I do my Daily SuPPs every day, love my meditation, am very grateful and appreciate the world and positivity is pretty damn great! (although a little more switching off from work wouldn’t do me any harm!)

Why do we do this to ourselves! I empower women and their families every day. This weekend I wrote a wellness book and encouraged nearly 30 people through their fitness tests and reminding them how awesome they are! Surely it must set in to my subconsious soon and take hold – it is time to get back on my horse before my speech “I dontated 30kg to a better cause” becomes “So a few years ago I used to be a trainer doing what I loved and know I am back on crutches, unhealthy and getting old before my time” Thanks Universe – I think I just felt that kick up the butt I was looking for….. Right then – Game Face on there are people waiting to listen…. Cx