Its on! Like Donkey Kong :)


That was amazing…. apart from my resting blood pressure being just a tad high at the end (thanks to my Wellness Cherub and my confession session I got tested too!) We have the most fricken awesome LeapCoach team and our tribe is so eclectic and fantastic. What the feck was I worried about. This series is going to totally rock. WOW! WOW! WOW! Such energy and support in the room and everyone is there for different reasons to get the most out of themselves and make some wicked changes. Super Inspiring.

Tomorrow it is on like donkey kong!

Good night all (one goal is to be lights out by 11pm everynight with at least 30mins down time)

ps no surprises when I did my water calc “Bad Hydration” – no excuses I have a water cooler at work! Starts now – one glass before bed and then tomorrow – one glass for every client at the gym… that should work!