Be amazed at what you put to the universe!

Be amazed at what you put to the universe!

So the story goes that I wasn’t going to train anyone this year in the amazing Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge. I had been throught six series and this year was about me getting my life balanced and on track and going away overseas for my 40th Birthday. I had decided that as much as I loved it, travelling was my focus for 2013. So……. Tutuman and I were travelling from Sydney to Melbourne on a plane last year after my 39th Birthday Dinner at Tetsuya’s – feeling on top of the world and Tutuman casually says “Lets have 46 clients in the Challenge next year” I replied “Whatever lets have 50, whats 5 more between friends!’ Then we both laughed and said of course we won’t have any, as we would travel instead. Then we casually decided not to advertise. When Nan got ill all my admin went south and I never ended up letting Catch know I was unavailable this year. Here we are on Week 1 of this years challenge and we have 55 signed up! Guess my holiday might be on hold until the end of the year……..
Lesson 1 : Believe in Yourself! You Can Do it!
Lesson 2: Be care full what you put out there into the universe… it may just happen as you state 🙂