Be Still and Listen

Be Still and Listen

I haven’t blogged for a month. Every time I started the words didn’t come. On Feb 8th I lost a most remarkable woman in my life. It was a beautiful day. The birds chirped and the sunrise was magical. At 10.15am after a short battle with cancer my amazing and beautiful nan passed away peacefully at home surrounded with laughter, love and calmness. Just as she would have wanted. Her legacy will continue in the hearts of her family and friends and everyone she touched.

In the month that has passed it has been an emotional roller coaster. Some days it only feels like yesterday we were laughing over marmalade toast and other days I desperately want to feel her huggle buggles and smell her cooking waft out her front door. Then I realise……. if I just stop, and sit quietly and listen she is still here with me. In my heart, in the flowers I can smell, in the birds I can hear and if I slow down for a moment and breath in and out I can hear her whisper. “You will be alright love. It’s going to be alright” xx


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