Learn to listen with your whole body

Happy Waitangi Day to all my NZ followers. I love Waitangi Day. It has become a day of the year that I love to consolidate. The rush of Christmas is over, the world is going back to their routines and it is time for me to take a look at all the ideas that have flowed creatively and plan my action! In late December I always set myself a one month challenge so that it starts before traditional new years resolutions and it finishes before everyone is sharing how they have failed their new years resolutions already! The challenges vary from year to year and always end up with me having an abundance of new ideas and energy.

This year I have been blessed to care for a loved one who has been touched by crippling cancer. As my energy has gone into caring for her I have been constantly reminded about what is really important, how we function, what makes us smile and in essence what is truely needed to survive.

Every one on this planet has a gift and we all bring our own unique spin on the world. I have witnessed a truely remarkable women continue to communicate even on her death bed with touch, smiles and nods. It is the simple things in life that are so often the hardest to give but my nan still continues to give and listen. She has taught me this month to listen with my whole body and all my senses. I am listening with my eyes, touch, smell and ears. Only my nan could contine to teach me such wonderful things. The cancer may have beaten her body but it never took away her spirit or who she is. When she was asked by nurses if she would like more pain relief or to be able to hear the family she chose family. Her time here is close but she will forever be in our hearts. I have thanked her for all the lessons she taught be and now it is time for me to honor what I have heard by taking action and continue to be gentle on the world and listen to my body. Kia Kaha Nana and thank you for being you and getting me. Smiles and Huggle Buggles xx