Day 16 – Something New Sunday – Cheesy Scones!


Day 16 – In August last year I began a 40B440 List – 40 things I wanted to achieve before my 40th Birthday.   One of these was to try something new for every Sunday in January.   I had never made scones in my 39years on this wonderful planet!  So when my nana requested some this weekend it was a perfect opportunity.   My first cheese scones were a hit!   Thanks for the lemondade tip from one of my LeapStars Hope and my husband Riwai was amazed that in nearly 10 years of knowing me I have never made scones!  Nom Nom Nom.


Cates Cheesy Lemonade Scones

300 mls of cream

300 mls of sprite lemonade

1 cup of grated tasty cheese

3 cups of self raising flour

Turn on oven to 210 degrees

Sift flour and add cheese to a bowl, then add cream and lemonade.  

Mix with a flat knife until all ingredients are mixed in.

Turn out onto well-floured board or table and pat into an oval shape about 15 – 20mm high.   

Transfer mixture to a greased cold tray and score into scones sizes you desire.

Add a handful of grated cheese over the top of the scones

Bake for 12mins and check with sharp knife that no mixture is sticking.

Remove from oven and cut into shapes

Transfer into wire basket and cover with a tea towel to keep them fresh

Serve warm with jam, butter, cream or your favourite topping