Day 13 – Time to put your game face on and smile


Day 13

YAY You!!  How fabulous that you are already 12 days into your challenge and nine days into the year.  I know you have important priorities for 2013 so let’s make sure you make them happen. 

The key is to make those “resolutions” and life desires into a game plan.  Why? Because Resolutions have a reputation for not happening, right? If you want a resolution to work, it needs to be focused, action-based, and strategic.

Action-based: commit to DOING something measurable. Talk is cheap, action is priceless. Focused: make it about changing ONE thing at a time. The more specific, the better. Strategic: you are changing an existing system in your life. Be smart about how you do it.

Let’s take a typical resolution – for instance “I want to lose 5 kg’s.” Now, let’s make it focused and action based. You do this by asking yourself: what’s ONE action I can take consistently this month to help me donate weight?

Feel the difference? You’re focusing on ONE concrete action now, the action that will make the biggest difference. Now, most people trying to change their eating habits have a “weak point” in their day where their will power fails them. You want to protect yourself from that. If you’re going to change one thing, try changing that one weak point. Let’s say that your weak point is that, when you get home from work, you snack on too many snacks.