Day 9 – When a plan comes together

Day 9 – I love it when a plan comes together.   Here are some wise words I found that I had to share with you all!
2009 – I survived – appreciating the battles I had been through and being proud of my battle scars as evidence of my strength and resilience in battle
2010 – I dream – after drama and trauma had to learn to dream of a happy future –
2011 – I can – I had to build confidence in my ability to make a new life and believe it would be exceptional
2012 – I plan – I started planning and planning to get to the new dreams and turned them into my goals
2013 – this is the year of I WILL – this is when the plans are put in place and start the journey to those life desires
2014 will be I AM – living the dream babee!!!!

day 9 will smith