Day 1 – Committing to Your Life Desire

Day 1 –  Committing to your dream.   Today is the day that you take your idea and write it in a positive and willfull way.   “I will [______________] by 28 January 2013.   It will make me feel [______________] when I achieve this.   Writing our goals down is a large part of the process.  It doesn’t matter how or where you write it.  It is your chance to express yourself, afterall it is your dream.  Some ideas in the past have been making a picture of your dream, finding a quote or song that reminds you of where you are heading.   It might simply be your handwriting on a mirror, wallet or screen saver.  Write it somewhere & enjoy the process!  Get to Planting the seeds to achieve extraordDay 1 - Thoughtsinary things this year.  Smiles & Hugs.