30 Day Challenge

Prince and Nana's Hand Art 2012
Prince and Nana’s Hand Art 2012
Over the last four years i have taken part in a 30 day challenge from Dec 28th – Jan 26th with an amazing group of ladies around the world.  We all decide on a mission to complete in 30 days.  It can anything your heart desires.   One year i decided to learn meditation, the next year to start Leap,  the next to learn to ride a bike cleated in and ride 30kms and last year to get well enough to take… part in Outward Bound.  Each year wonderful things are achieved by all those taking part & it often leads to many more achievements during the year.   My 2013 goal is to inspire at least 10 people to complete their hearts desire mission.   If you would like to join me as my gift to start your 2013 then please let me know.    Ps my final mission of 2012 was to create some Art that represented my Nana’s legacy. We had so much fun together doing her handprints for gifts to all her children & grand children.  Here’s a snapshot of our work xxxSee more