Technology continues to surprise me

It ha been a wonderful and somewhat magical morning. Today I realised just how smart and powerful my hand held computer really is. Having been notorious over the years for running to the check in of flights around the world to my amazement all I had to do this morning was check in over my cup of tea at booking. My “e ticket” is now a text message with a short sequence code that the very cherry and smiling staff scans at the gate. No stress flying & I get 10 mins extra sleep in, don’t stress out the husband, have pick of all the empty luggage compartments & even have time to facebook, send a couple of messages & post blog – all before while sitting in my seat on the plane waiting for those less technology savvy to finish arguing at the baggage counter, stress at their check in as they lost their boarding pass and race onto the full plane with a bag that won’t fit 🙂