Fun Fridays

Recently I was asked who inspires me. I immediately thought of a good friend of ours who passed away suddenly doing what he loved and another friend who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. After the usual period of shock and the questions of why? why? why? I was overwhelmed with a reminder to Live! Leap2it! Love and Laugh. The four words that sum up my life philosophy of living, exercise, alone time and positivity. Both friends ticking off things they wants to do before they left our planet empowered me not to wait until I was given a time limit. My life mission list has been sitting gathering dust (and a little liquefaction excuse) since the beginning of the year. Now thanks to my inspiring friends my notebook has been pulled out and I am picking 40 missions to do before I am 40…. Just 364 days to do my first of many yearly mission lists! So excited :). Thank you Donkey and Greg for my inspiration and timely reminders for me to Leap2it! Much love and hugs to you and your whanau xxx