Risk, Rugby & Relief


Sometimes when you have low expectations it turns out for the very best.

It was cold & miserable, if the tickets weren’t a hundy each we would no doubt talked each other into staying at home. But it was Ireland & with that we dressed for Antarctica and headed to sit outside for 2 hours 🙂

But we were at the New Christchurch Stadium for an historical test match – the first in the city PostEQ and what a spectacular we put on. As we sat down the winter weather had turned into Rugby perfect – taking us back to cold afternoon games at Lancaster or Athletic Park. There was the familiar black attire, patriotic flags, face paint & fancy wigs. The intimate crowd was a sea of black, with dots of Irish green around. Then exploded from the tunnel came the teams…. the crowd stood, the anthems sang and the Haka set the scene.

This temporary place had made its mark! Ireland burst out with passion & pride. Keeping the AB’s on the back foot they score first! The niggles early showing Ireland were ready to Risk it all! For sure, he who hooked SBW was surely dared, perhaps as was the half time naked streaker – who left a string of clothes down her aisle, as she leapt free, tossing her bra at the goal posts, and baring before she was tackled to the ground! For a split second the world as I knew it stopped as I pondered the intrigue & wonderment all that happened in 50mins!

It was a positive sensory overload & worth every cent! The second halfdidn’t disappoint either – the match hits being echoed like dolby surround sound as the bodies crunched on the turf.

It was an old fashioned grunty test match fought & battled into the dying minute!

Risk, Rugby & Relief!!! this rugby nation held its breath as carter lined up that drop kick!

A win!! 22-19! And the crowded roared! Thank you Ireland! Your battle was just what I needed! There was something magical tonight! To be sure, to be sure 😉