Women, Water Features and Wonderment

I celebrated International Women’s Day with an amazing group of women.   We were treated to a wonderful breakfast and guest speaker on Endometriosis, a crippling and painful condition that effect 1 in 10 women and their families.   I looked around the room and saw the faces of a resiliant and inspiring group, many moved by the stories and the message to share our experiences on a “taboo womens & down there issue.”    After breakfast were were continued to be treated with a VIP access to walk around the most equisite and beautiful garden show.   Amongst the designs, hard work, sweat and time contraints there was a magical world of beauty and wonderment.  You could not only see it but hear it in the laughter and positive chatter that was all around.   It took me back to making vegetable men and saucer gardens at school.  The squeels of delight when you received a ribbon and certificate.   The delight was the same in the eyes of these adult exhibitors.  Their passions was evident and as their eyes lit up the room with the stories of their garden’s journey and the smallest detail of why a certain plant or piece of Chch history or tiny bee that landed in the corner.   I stayed for hours and skipped out the gate to be picked up wondering when did we stop noticing the wonderment of the world and those small things that made us smile 🙂